Jordan In 3 Days

I had never been passionate to travel Jordan until my colleagues asked for a travel altogether.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that I would feel like I was in another world.

How did we start to plan this travel? I and my friend had planned to travel to Nepal last year and had to change the plan because of the earthquake which occurred just one week before the flight. We were shocked, deeply sad for the people in Nepal and had no chance but to cancel the flight hence we received a voucher in return.

Then started to search a new route to use our vouchers from Fly Dubai. And ended up with Jordan.

11th of February 2016 we took the flight from Dubai to Amman. After waiting 1,5 hours in the passport queue ready to pay 40 JOD (Jordanian Dinar) we have been told that Turkey passport holders do not require any visa!! 🙂 Then we passed through the passport gate and collected our luggage and received our rental car from Europa Car. Renting a car in this country is the best option (maybe the only option).

We started to drive towards the dark and narrow roads of Jordan from Amman airport (Queen Alia International Airport) to our hotel (Petra Guest House) in Petra. After 3.5 hours flight + 1,5 hours passport queue we drove the car around 4,5 hours to reach our hotel in Petra. Can’t imagine how we all felt asleep in the very first minute we laid down in the bed.

First Day – Wadi Rum:

Wadi Rum is 2,5 – 3 hours drive away from Petra (or maybe it was our clumsiness not to find the place quicker 🙂 )

We arranged a 4×4 vehicle with a guide to enter the Wadi Rum. You cannot just drive into the desert and find your way!

It took around 4 hours to finish the tour in Wadi Rum which was amazing.

Here are the photos to show you how mesmerising it was…

Wadi Rum – Jordan


Wadi Rum – Jordan


Second Day – Petra:

Petra entrance gate is just literally next to the Petra Guest House Hotel. We paid 50 JOD / px for entrance plus 70 JOD for the guide. (yeah, Jordan is an expensive country!) We went there in the morning around 8 am, which we believe is better to go early in the morning due to the light reflections and a low number of people. Nothing to say much for Petra since it’s beauty is already known by almost everyone. Just go and enjoy the view…

If you don’t have enough power to climb around 1000 steps up to the Monastery, you can choose the donkey option by paying 20 JOD for 4 donkeys.

The Monastery – Jordan


Camels, Petra, Jordan


Petra, Jordan


The Treasury, Petra


Third Day – Dead Sea:

From Petra to the Dead Sea it takes around 4 hours – depending on your speed. We arrived our hotel (Kempinski Ishtar Dead Sea) After leaving our bags to our rooms, we jumped into the dead sea. A weird feeling of floating in the sea was amazing. The view, temperature controlled pool, facilities, breakfast… a combination of perfection.


Dead Sea – Kempinski Hotel Jordan


Dead Sea Kempinski Hotel Jordan


Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂


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